RIME ARODAKY started as a small company, integrated by Rime and a couple couturières who helped make her designs come to life. The situation lasted a couple of years until Rime saw that to grow her business she needed to increase her hand labor. Her little atelier in Paris became a little bigger by incorporating pattern makers, cutters, modelists, stylists…. Today Rime’s first atelier employs 10 beautiful women who love the brand as much as she does. 

On 2021 we are celebrating 10 years since RIME ARODAKY’s creation, which only confirms Rime’s progressive but steady growth. We currently have five different ateliers in Europe, including the one located at 28 rue d’Aboukir in Paris. Rime is committed to promoting fair labor practices and safe working conditions throughout her ateliers. To take responsibility for the impact of her business, she has her team travel on a regular basis to the different locations to ensure that RIME ARODAKY’s pieces are made under safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions. 


Apparel workers are known to be among the lowest paid employees around the globe. Many have to work for long hours in dusty environments, unsafe conditions and receiving a low pay. Fast fashion only deteriorates this situation. Our goal? To make a difference in everything we do.




‘Les Premières’ is high-end range developed in the atelier in Paris. It focuses on artisanal know-how, though an intricate process that involves long hours of embroideries, top-notch quality fabrics and exceptional French savoir-faire.

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A small look into our ateliers

Rime is very clear about her business and about whom she likes to work with. “We’ve never really worked based on location but based on personalities”. We spend months finding the best factories around the world - the same ones that produce your favorite designer labels. When you look for Daniela, the owner of one of our small factories, you won’t find her hidden away in an office. Her workspace is right in the middle of all the action, next to her team. You will find her either coordinating the production or fully hands on making one of RIME ARODAKY’s pieces. Daniela’s attitude translates into everything she does, from overseeing production to inviting us to Piña Colada’s whenever we stop by - which has enabled us to build a strong relationship on a business and a personal level.

Daniela opened her factory after several years working for one herself. Although she originally graduated in chemical engineer, she soon became involved the production of garments which ultimately led her to open her own. She started with 5 seamstresses, which as of today continue to work with her. 

Daniela cares deeply of her employees and their wellbeing. Her factory is located in a deeply illuminated building, which has several rooms and plenty of space to accommodate everyone. She is known for employing hard working women and also paying very good wages. Her seamstresses are always paid in time and are eligible to receive a prime at the end of each month. 

“Wedding gowns have always been my teenage dream” she confesses. Not having had the chance to wear the dress of her dreams on her big day, she is extremely happy to be able to do so for all RIME ARODAKY’s babes.