les Premières


The bride’s dream brought into a gown...these bespoke & high-end designs will ravish all our babes. Made to measure in our atelier, haute couture details & custom made by Rime herself for exclusive appointments in Paris only.  

the film

Focusing on artisanal know-how, our gowns‘Les Premières’ are created in Paris through an intricate process that involves long hours of embroideries, top-notch production quality and exceptional French savoir-faire.

In French fashion terms, ‘Les Premières d’Atelier’ are the senior seamstresses who have had many years of work experience within a Haute Couture atelier…. Rime wanted this collection to be an homage for these women since they’ve helped her develop this collection with their exceptional know-how and state-of-the-art quality standards. 


Unique & made-to-measure they adapt perfectly on the bride. The customization process on these designs is free and creatively limitless, with Rime’s creativity on your side

‘Les Premières’ line allows us to meet the specific needs of growing international clientele who appreciates exceptional French savoir-faire and expects an impeccable service and quality for special bridal celebrations.

Unique & made-to-measure they adapt perfectly on the bride. 

made to measure
entirely unique

Inspired by ‘Les Premières d’Atelier’, head seamstresses with many years of experience within a French couture house, the collection is an homage to them and their exceptional skills.