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26 August 2017

Meet our Rime Arodaky babe: Bonnie

Hello there babes,

This week, we wanted to share our #rimearodakybabes experiences.
For this first edition, Bonnie and Per shared their story with us …




Where and how did you meet with your husband ?  

Funny enough, my husband and I both worked for the same company for many years before we met. I was on the sales side in San Francisco and Per was in finance in Stockholm (he’s a native Swede), so it wasn’t until he was relocated to SF and a mutual friend/colleague hosted a Cinco de Mayo gathering at Fort Mason that we finally crossed paths.




How did Per propose ?

On a whim, Per decided we should take a last minute trip down to Santa Barbara to relive our first out of town trip we took together as a couple. We spent the weekend doing some of our favorite SB things – coffee at the Daily Grind, a hike up to Seven Falls, shopping on State Street, and of course, spent some quality time at the beach. Before dinner, Per suggested we watch the sunset, so we walked over to one of our favorite spots – Butterfly Beach – to soak in the last bits of the sun. While we were dipping our toes in the water, he got down on his knee and (me being a crier) I immediately burst into tears. Meanwhile our shoes almost got washed away in the tide, so that broke up the overwhelming emotion and happy tears and gave us a good giggle :)




Why Rime Arodaky ? 

A few years before we got engaged, I stumbled upon a photo (I think it was on Pinterest) of a very bad*ss chic wearing the Olsen gown and immediately fell in love with Rime’s brand. I remember thinking to myself, if I ever get married, I’d LOVE to wear a Rime dress. She encapsulates so much of what I like to express in my own style into her gowns: they’re carefree, timeless, edgy, and have that unique rocker/tomboy look that balances it all out. The timing couldn’t have been better because LOHO Bride out of SF was the first store to carry Rime in California and only began stocking Rime about one month prior to my hunt for a dress. On top of that, a Rime Trunk Show happened to be a few weeks later so I was able to attend that and meet one of the team members (Maja) who was extremely helpful, nice and fun to work with.




What made this dress The One?

It was a feeling — I just knew it. Sounds so corny but it’s true. I had already tried on a number of dresses from other designers but nothing felt right. Some dresses were too stiff, others too glitzy. I didn’t think I’d be picky but man, the details can get ya! The Solvang felt like me. Sleek, comfortable, simple, sexy…I slipped it on, did a little dance, and immediately had a huge smile on my face. I knew it was The One.




Where did you get married ?

I feel like I’m promoting Santa Barbara here…but surprise, surprise, Santa Barbara :) It’s one of those places that makes you feel good when you arrive. I’m not sure if it’s the juxtaposition of the mountains and the ocean, the way the air smells, the pink sunsets or the fog that rolls in from time to time, but it’s one of our favorite places to unwind.  The exact location was the Santa Barbara Historical Museum. It’s a beautiful Spanish style museum with two outdoor courtyards that are perfect for events during the warm Indian Summers that are typical in SB. I will say, we also thought that more of the Swedes would be compelled to make the trek if we picked a sunny locale…We think it helped.




How would you describe your Rime Arodaky experience ?

The (d)Rime team is nothing short of amazing. From my experience working with Maja at the trunk show I attended and the personal card I received, to the actual fitting and quality of the dress, I couldn’t be happier. Everyone on the team is genuine, sweet and helpful, and if I lived in Paris, I’d be one of those Rime groupies coming by the showroom to say bonjour all the time :)



Photography : Katch Silva – Beauty : TEAM – Place : Santa Barbara Historical Museum

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